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Research reports

85% of 7 – 18 year olds in Wales attend an arts event once a year or more

The Arts Council of Wales has released initial findings from the annual Children’s Omnibus Survey which explores the frequency by which 7-18 year olds attend and participate in arts activities in Wales. 
During 2013, 85% of children and young people in Wales attended an arts event once a year or more.  This is an increase of 5 percentage […]

A skeleton overview of the state of the amateur arts in Europe

A skeleton overview of the state of the amateur arts in Europe This research report, by Hilary Ramsden, was created from research carried out at the 2012 Amateo conference ‘Everyone’s a Winner’, hosted by Voluntary Arts from 17 to 19 June 2012,  to address the need for more pan-European research on the state of the voluntary and amateur arts.
On behalf of Voluntary Arts, Hilary interviewed nine leaders […]

Everyday Participation project

Everyday Participation project Voluntary Arts is pleased to be a partner in ‘Understanding Everyday Participation – Articulating Cultural Values’, a large-scale project to research how people participate in culture, sport and other social and civic activities in their everyday lives. The research aims to develop new ways of understanding and measuring participation and its value based on how […]

Voluntary Arts: The State of the Sector Northern Ireland & Republic of Ireland

Northern Ireland Facts, Figures, Future ‘In one year over 12% of the adult population participates in the arts through voluntary arts groups in Northern Ireland’. This is one of the key findings of the Voluntary Arts Ireland research report.
This is the first report on the nature of the voluntary arts sector in Northern Ireland. It looks at […]
Voluntary Arts is the operating name of The Voluntary Arts Network (VAN) which is registered in Scotland as Company No. 139147 and Charity No. SC020345. Registered Office: 54 Manor Place, Edinburgh EH3 7EH, Scotland, UK.