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#LovetoPHOTO: Water Drop and Liquid Flow Photography

#LovetoPHOTO: Water Drop and Liquid Flow Photography #LovetoPHOTO comes to a close and, hot on its heels, #LovetoDANCE begins in September. But that won’t stop us from diving into another great series of images from photographer Gary Cummins. Last time, we’ve taken a look at high-speed photography, creating tiny worlds and fun with photoshop, but this time we take the plunge with […]

Show us your Happy Feet with #LovetoDANCE

Show us your Happy Feet with #LovetoDANCE From hip hop to Flamenco, Ballroom to belly dancing, thousands of people are expected to get involved in #LovetoDANCE month this September and show off their happy feet as this crowd-sourced digital campaign celebrates dance in all its forms right across the UK and Republic of Ireland.
This hashtag driven campaign allows anyone to get involved […]

#LovetoPHOTO: Fun with Photoshop

#LovetoPHOTO: Fun with Photoshop Alongside Barra’s Best and the rest of the #LovetoPHOTO celebrations, we’ve been thrilled to run a series of articles on photographer Gary Cummins. In the past weeks we’ve taken a look at the tiny worlds he has created as well as some of the fun and inventive ways he’s captured scenes with high speed photography. […]

#LovetoPHOTO: Real photography, imagined worlds

#LovetoPHOTO: Real photography, imagined worlds So far, #LovetoPHOTO has had the great pleasure of an endless stream of eager photographers sharing their love of the art on social media, as well as great pieces from Gary Cummins which we’ve been glad to use for two features on the miniature worlds he creates as well as his enthusiasm for high speed photography (which […]

#LovetoSING: Undiscovered winners hit the Big Screen

#LovetoSING: Undiscovered winners hit the Big Screen From November to January last year, #LovetoSING ran the Undiscovered competition, seeking those with a passion for music with hopes of shining the spotlight on the hidden talents in Northern Ireland. The Undiscovered competition saw dozens of entrants and hundreds of voters. The winners were chosen and, last week, their videos were featured on the […]

#LovetoPHOTO: High Speed Photography

#LovetoPHOTO: High Speed Photography Last week as part of August’s #LovetoPHOTO celebrations we did a feature on Gary Cummins, an amatuer photographer from Waterford who takes inspiration from his job as a construction worker to create amazing miniature worlds (Check out that feature here).  The reaction we got to Gary’s work was so positive that we’ve asked him back […]

#LovetoPHOTO Spotlight: Gary Cummins

#LovetoPHOTO Spotlight:  Gary Cummins The Land of Tiny by Gary Cummins  We’re now in the thick of #LovetoPHOTO month and we have seen hundreds of fantastic images being shared from right across the UK, R.Ireland and indeed the world.  The LovetoHQ team scans the internet daily for interesting and creative content to share and that is where we saw the […]

Celebrate August Craft Month with #LovetoMAKE!

Celebrate August Craft Month with #LovetoMAKE! It’s been a year since the beginning of the #Loveto campaign and this month, we’re coming back full circle to #LovetoMAKE! We want to see everyone sharing the crafty things they love to do, from knitting to papier macher, wood-working to pottery, crochet to whatever else you can mould, shape and build and we’re not […]
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