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Voluntary Arts supports over 200 national umbrella bodies and membership organisations, which provide a wealth of opportunities to get involved in local creative cultural activities. Click here for links.

lubbz is a hobbies and sports website listing over 200 different activities provided by clubs and groups nationally. In addition, members of listed clubs and groups can join, giving them access to member specific content such as news, events and photos.

  • To search the Clubbz website, visit
  • If you represent a voluntary arts or crafts group that is not yet listed, and would like to do so, click here.


School of EverythingSchool of Everything

School of Everything helps you learn whatever, whenever and wherever you want. And you don’t need to go to the end of the earth to learn what you want – it helps you find teachers and lessons near you. Tell it where you are, choose the subjects you’re interested in and it will help you find relevant teachers and lessons.

Individuals – find opportunities in your area:
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Voluntary arts groups – list your opportunities:


My Volunteer AccountDid you know there are over 10,000 voluntary arts and events organisations in Scotland?

From singing to salsa, theatre to tapestry, they all get creative purely for the love of it – and they’re looking for people just like you to get involved!

There are many different ways you could volunteer in the arts, from a one-off session at a festival to a weekly commitment with a group – and everything in-between.

To find out about cultural opportunities, learn new skills and meet new people, visit the Volunteer Scotland website and create a ‘My Volunteer’ account at


Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland

Art Take PartArt Take Part

Art Take Part is an initiative of Voluntary Arts Ireland promoting participation by putting the people who want to do art in touch with the people providing art opportunities.

Individuals – find opportunities in your area:
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Voluntary arts groups – list your opportunities:
• Email Emma Whitehead at

Based in Republic of Ireland? Art Take Part is looking for ways to extend its reach to the Republic of Ireland in the future. In the meantime, if you are looking for participation opportunities in the Republic, please email for more advice.

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Voluntary Arts is the operating name of The Voluntary Arts Network (VAN) which is registered in Scotland as Company No. 139147 and Charity No. SC020345. Registered Office: The Creative Exchange, 29 Constitution Street, Edinburgh EH6 7BS.