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Voluntary Arts Week

voluntary arts week logoVoluntary Arts Week – 9 to 18 May 2014

Voluntary Arts Week is an annual, week-long celebration of amateur arts and craft activities across the UK and Republic of Ireland.

This year it’s taking place between the 9 and 18 May and we want you to get involved!

Whether you’re part of a group and looking for ways to get involved in Voluntary Arts Week, or an individual looking for events in your area, check out the Voluntary Arts Week website

CraftBomb logoThere are lots of ways to take part in this inspiring annual event. You could:

  • Take your choir or music group ouside (bus station/shopping centre) for the Voluntary Arts Week ‘Flashmob’
  • Decorate your local area with colourful creations for the Voluntary Arts Week ‘CraftBomb’
  • Hold an open rehearsal or taster session
  • Put on a special performance or exhibition

Or simply badge an existing project taking place that week with the Voluntary Arts Week logo (and list it on the Voluntary Arts Week website!)

The idea behind Voluntary Arts Week is to celebrate all the wonderfully diverse cultural creativity that takes place year-round – and perhaps encourage others to join in and discover just how good it feels!

So whatever you’re doing, don’t keep it to yourself – shout about it during Voluntary Arts Week!

Voluntary Arts is the operating name of The Voluntary Arts Network (VAN) which is registered in Scotland as Company No. 139147 and Charity No. SC020345. Registered Office: 54 Manor Place, Edinburgh EH3 7EH, Scotland, UK.