There are many things that are currently undergoing change in the world today and the world of work is perhaps one of the most radical. I am delighted that colleagues from the Belgian based platform cooperative Smart will be joining us, in only 1 week, to explore the future of work as part of the conversational seminar series the Common Interchange of Ordinary Intelligence at the Imagine Festival

SMart is a cooperative dedicated to the needs of all freelancers. Without creating their own legal structure, freelancers can work within our legally secured framework, stay autonomous, focus on their core activity and on the customer relationships, while accessing the best social protection possible. As a platform coop, SMart aims to make sure that individual entrepreneurship does not mean isolation and precariousness.

Michel Bauwens, the founder and president of the P2P Foundation has just taken up a 3 year research and development residency with Smart and will be with us for this conversation. You can find out more about his residency here

This feels like an important moment to be exploring alternatives with others. To invite colleagues and friends to join you simply share this email and they can register for free here 

Kevin Murphy, Voluntary Arts Ireland