The countdown is on to this years Imagine: Belfast Festival of Ideas and Politics and the conversational seminar series, the Common Interchange of Ordinary Intelligence. The first event in the series is Humanising the Economy - The role of cooperatives in making shift happen with John Restakis. 

John has a fascinating story to tell and some key insights into economic democracy. He is Executive Director of Community Evolution Foundation and responsible for building the CEF program and the advancement of CEF as a cutting edge development organization.His professional background includes community organizing, adult and popular education, and co-op development.

John is also is Adjunct Professor at the Centre for Sustainable Development at Simon Fraser University, a founding Director of the Synergia Institute, and is Research Associate for Co-operatives UK. He is involved in numerous international co-op and community economic development projects, researches and teaches on co-operative economies and the social & solidarity economy, and lectures widely on the subject of globalization, regional development, and alternative economics. He is the author of Humanizing the Economy – Co-operatives in the Age of Capital.

“I wrote Humanizing the Economy to talk about an alternative. At its heart, it is a story about how a revolution in human society that began with the rise of democracy in politics continues to unfold as the democratic idea struggles to find its place in the world of economics. If economic democracy is the hidden face of this ongoing revolution, then the history of the co-operative idea is its most durable expression.” 

This feels like an important moment to be exploring alternatives with others. To invite colleagues and friends to join the conversation you simply share this article and they can register for free here