The January Challenge 2018January 2018 sees the return of the 64 Million Artists January Challenge - a free 31 day programme designed to reconnect you with your creativity. Now in its 4th year, thousands of people have taken part all over the country and this year looks set to be the biggest yet.

Each day the team release a short 5-10 minute creative challenge that is free to do, requires little or no equipment and encourages you to Do the challenge, Think about what it was like and Share it with other people. Over 3000 people took part in 2017 and people shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, on the 64 Million Artists website and in Whatsapp and Facebook groups of their own - as well as in person with their families or work teams.

The challenges might range from taking and documenting a new route to work, writing a poem about Mondays, drawing the view from your window or photographing a friend. It is always about having a go, not trying to make something perfect, and the online communities are supportive and friendly. Here are some things people have said about taking part in the January Challenge.

"It gave me something to focus on, things that I wouldn't normally do - really broadened my horizons."

"It surprised me what thoughts it stirred up, what new connections I made and how much I enjoyed sharing these with a creative and supportive group. It reminded me that creativity is important for my wellbeing too."

"I enjoyed thinking about things, and seeing life, in a different way. Coming together with family members to be creative and share what we'd made - something we would never ordinarily do."

64 Million Artists believe that everyone is creative. And that when we are creative we can make change in our lives and in the world around us. They have worked in factories, universities, schools, across whole cities and in the mental health sector. Their work has helped people think differently about the world, feel more motivated, improved their mood and supported them to connect with other people.

Sign up at the new 'Do Think Share' website.