This free workshop explores the dance film Shakespeare Shuffle created by Thomas Small as part of his role as Artist in Residence at BBC Radio 2. Bringing to life various Shakespearean texts in a fun, interactive environment with bespoke readings from Radio 2 presenters such as Jonathan Ross and Chris Evans! A Day to Play is the perfect mix of performance by professional dancers with an interactive workshop designed for all the family to take part in (even the grown-ups!) A Day to Play allows children and young people to be adventurous and explore creativity alongside expert pro dancers, aims to help children and young people to develop their self-confidence through a range of stimulating exercises and encourages problem solving and collaboration with others. A Day to Play is intergenerational so it is suitable for children and young people from the age of 2 to 16 and we would LOVE for families to come along too! You can either join in the playtime with a creative adventure with your kids or just sit back and watch the show. Carers, grannies, aunties and best pals are all welcome - the more the merrier! You don't need ANY experience to enjoy A Day to Play so come give it a whirl.

The workshop is part of The People’s Story celebrating McManus 150, the 150th anniversary of the The McManus. You can watch the Shakespeare Shuffle here (