Age of Creativity Festival 2019

1 in 3 babies born in the UK today will reach their 100th birthday. Health is not just the absence of disease but a state of overall wellbeing, so how can we encourage wellbeing at every age and stage over a century? Creativity has been shown to have a significant impact on personal wellbeing in later life, but how can we build this in throughout the life course for maximum effect?

Could we develop a new perspective on ageing across the life course from an artist’s point of view? How might artists explore, create and play with the very notion of ageing - not just in later life but ageing across our lives.

Ageism is the last taboo, so how can we collectively influence the intergenerational divide and challenge the often negative narrative we see all around us? Join us for a day of provocation, inspiration, discussion and networking.

This event is part of the Age of Creativity Festival and suitable for colleagues from arts, culture, health, care, age, academic, community, public and private sectors with an interest in creative ageing.

Our headline event will focus on how ‘ageing through the life course’ can support intergenerational relationships. The day will inspire discussions on three key concepts:

  1. What if...we lived in a truly Age Friendly world?
  2. What could be an emerging artist at any age?
  3. What if... artists became activists against ageism?

Professionals from a wide range of sectors will hear from a number of experts and the outcome of the event will be shared widely through our networks and social media throughout May.

Booking via Eventbrite - event is now over.

Programme includes:

Introduction to Age of Creativity Festival and the BRIDGING project

Ageing across the lifecourse: A provocation (Centre for Policy on Ageing)

Provocation 1: What if...we lived in a truly age friendly world? (Get the Picture, Age UK Oxfordshire)

Provocation 2: What could be an emerging artist at any age? (Susan Langford MBE, MagicMe)

Provocation 3: What if... artists became activists against ageism? (Dr Clive Parkinson, Director for Arts for Health, Manchester Metropolitan)

Closing remarks: Creative response from roaming provocateurs

Post event discussions will be followed up with a specific meeting on each of the themes in the summer 2019 in partnership with:

1. Age Friendly Manchester Team, Manchester Museum

2. Elders Company, Royal Exchange Theatre

3. Centre for Policy on Ageing

This event is co-funded by Celebrating Age (Arts Council England and The Baring Foundation) and by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union as part of the BRIDGING project.

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Booking for this event has now closed.