Bealtaine is Ireland’s national festival which uniquely celebrates the arts and creativity as we age. The festival takes place each May and is run by Age & Opportunity, the national organisation which promotes active and engaged living as we get older.

Bealtaine is Ireland’s largest co-operative festival and the world’s first national celebration of creativity in older age, bringing together artists and people from all over Ireland to support a rich creative life for all older people, and supporting the work and careers of mature artists. It is a chance for people to make new and challenging work, a chance to communicate traditions between the generations. It is a chance for the novice to discover a talent until then unseen and a chance for a long-dormant skill to find a new outlet.

We know that participating in the arts enhances our quality of life, no matter what age we are, and so each year we invite hundreds of organisations to take part in Bealtaine. In this way, for the last 21 years, the Festival has become deeply embedded in local communities and has grown to comprise over 3,000 events involving up to 100,000 people in towns and villages throughout the country. These partners include artists, arts centres, libraries, theatres, galleries, arts officers, national art and cultural institutions, orchestras, community groups, local authorities, care homes and supported living venues. 

Whether you are a curious participant or an event organiser, we wish you a rich, engaging and fun Bealtaine Festival 2017!

Bealtaine is an Age & Opportunity initiative part-funded by the Arts Council and delivered by hundreds of organisations around the country.

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