Ages of us: UK.
A photographic event by Dylan Collard and Dave Martin
October 6th, The British Museum.

The #agesofus bench will be set up in the Great Court and passers by invited to sit, have their photo taken and become part of the project. All participants will be asked if they would like to take part in a quick audio interview when they would be asked three simple questions about the past, present and future.

Overview - Ages Of Us
165 people, 23 locations and over 3000 miles around California photography and audio project about age, generations, the journey of life and how our priorities change as we travel through the three stages of Youth, Middle and Old Age.

Ages of Us is an interest in the process of ageing, the effects of that unstoppable process on our physical being and how our attitude, conscience, hopes, aspirations and desires change as we go through the stages of life.