Art class - Monday 10:30am

Art class with Anwar Malik; drawing, painting etc,. under superb tutelage.

Music classes - Monday 11:00am and Thursday 1:00pm

Music and singing with Miles Flower; enjoy singing all those great old songs.

International Dancing - Monday 2:00pm

International Dancing; a varied programme of dances and tunes, led by Avis and Joan.

Dance Fit - Thursday 2:15pm

Dance Fit; What it says on the tin, with Paula Bailey, a fabulous tutor.

Zumba - Friday 3:00pm

Zumba with Ildiko Dorko, whose reputation for enthusiasm and warmth goes before her.

All events take place on days when our lovely café is open to all between 10:30am and 2:00pm; come in for a cuppa or a lovely lunch, and then stay on to take part in the activities.