We understand that creativity helps people live well. It allows us to contribute, make connections and look after our culture. We enable communities to access quality arts and making activities, which are recognised and protected as human rights.

Today we are launching our new website which supports clubs, groups and associations, the housing and care sectors to provide creative activities and as such outstanding care. Expect fun and cake.

As part of Transform Ageing in conjunction with Unltd and the Design Council we are launching our new website. Mitber.com offers members-

  • Access to the Mitber community to share activities with other care and arts professionals.
  • A weekly email activity plan, including templates, handouts and adaptations.
  • A monthly activity including materials and instructions for 8 people through the post.

We provide training that Inspires activity providers to design and sustain creative activities in their care setting.

We deliver tailored arts and making projects and photography courses.

Come along to meet all the other Transform Ageing social entrepreneurs too.

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