Intergenerational event between the Third Age Project and the Regents Park Time Bank in which 8 and 88 year olds come together to share and exchange skills and life experience including a community lunch, family bingo, singalong, story telling and much more!

The Third Age Project is a popular older people's self-help charity with a vision to turn on its head the prevalent view that the Third Age is a burden on society and promote the view that old people are valuable and important assets, to be placed at the very heart of a community. In doing so we transform older people’s lives, nurture creative aspiration, co-produce low cost services and build a community, reversing the declining quality of life and the elderly”.

The Regents Park Time Bank has families with children under 12 years of age as shareholders and believes in the principle of everybody has something to give as well as receive. This event is an opportunity to bring the Old and Young together.