The Rhythms Club is: 
A movement class for people near or over 60 and any age is welcome to join us.
We use the 5Rhythms as a simple movement and rhythm practice designed to release the dancer that lives in each of us regardless of our age or physical ability. We move to great music with no set steps or choreography to learn. No prior experience needed as there is no one way to dance these rhythms - there is only your way.

At the Rhythms Club we: 
Move mindfully, have no fitness requirements, encourage self expression, hang out in the groove, celebrate diversity, challenge stereotypes, believe that any body can dance, have no expectations.

We also like to socialise and there is an invitation to stay for tea after the class

Every Thursday 3pm - 4.30pm (tea after optional)
Costs on a sliding scale according to your means £15/10/5 - or whatever is affordable
Profits go towards a reach-out project for the elderly

Contact Nikki on 07972 659701 or email [email protected]

Booking for this event has now closed.