Date: Wed 3 Oct 2018
Time: 6pm
Show Length: 30 min 
Location: Studio Theatre, The CourtyardPenhaligon Way, Hereford, HR4 9JR

Flying high with the greatest of ease,
the beautiful girl on the trapeze.
The roar of the crowd, the dizzying height,
the risk and the freedom, oh the touring life!
But when the lycra doesn’t fit right and the party is over,
there’s pain in the knees and in the right shoulder.
How does she get her fill as she gets older?
A life in the air, the thrills and the spills
now comes with two pairs of leggings and some anti-inflammatory pills.

A sharing of a creative exploration of ageing bodies by professional aerial artists-Nix Barnaville (46) and Sally Gibson (59), including a work in progress performance, an exhibition and a Q&A session …looking forward to a continued life in the air.

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