Abigail DaviesAbby joined Voluntary Arts in February 2020 as the Up For Arts Broadcaster at BBC Radio Devon. She is a South West girl, born in Bristol, grew up in Somerset and has lived in Devon for the past 11 years. She has a background in theatre, and studied Acting (BA Hons) for a year at Plymouth University before moving on to Journalism. She has worked for BBC Radio Devon for just over 2 years now, starting off doing travel news and broadcasting assistant duties but now as a newsreader, broadcast journalist and producer.

Devon is an incredible hub of so many different arts and cultural activities so Abby is looking forward to showing people what is going on in this vibrant and diverse county. She describes living in Plymouth and working around Devon as "a dream come true, every day is different and we celebrate what keeps our community happy and healthy."

Abby is also a mum of three children, and two very adorable cats. On her interests, she says: "I’m a people person first and foremost. I love chatting to different groups and getting to know their stories. The reason I got into journalism was to be a mouthpiece for those who have difficulty telling their stories. I’m a keen writer and one day it’s a dream of mine to write a novel. I love theatre and dance. I love the sea and I have done a bit of sailing and surfing."