Denis StewartDenis Stewart is currently in his ‘post-professional’ stage of life, pursuing his interests in ‘life-wide’ learning and connecting with other people. A former Chair of the Ireland region of the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) and an active member of the International Futures Forum (IFF), Denis works with others to encourage and enabling ‘civic conversation’ – open, creative, encouraging conversation between citizens about things that matter to them – as a way of enhancing civic society.

Denis’s professional life – initially as an academic scientist, then as a school teacher, and latterly as an educational developer in several national, senior executive roles, spanned four decades and involved working in all four countries of the UK. A native of Northern Ireland, he has had the pleasurable privilege of living for periods in both Wales and Scotland.

In a world where there is preoccupation with money and measuring over meaning, Denis is passionate about promoting and enabling more of the ‘poetical’ in the midst of the ‘mechanical’. Encouraging and enabling people to give expression to their artistic creativity in diverse ways, and to learn that they can be ‘creative citizens’, is a key way of doing this.