Janina KuczysJanina has worked in the voluntary sector both in paid and voluntary roles for nearly thirty five years. The topics she have been involved with have included conservation, mental health, arts, play and environmental projects, with the common factor being group and community development.

Janina is a keen amateur artist with a particular interest in textiles. One of her passions is the ReCreate Scrapstore where she is a volunteer and rooting around for materials to use in her arts and crafts projects can keep her absorbed for hours! Equality, diversity and accessibility are things that Janina holds at the heart of all of her work and over the years she has worked extensively with individuals and groups from marginalised communities.

Besides her art and crafts and her volunteer work with ReCreate, Janina spends my spare time with her two dogs, reading, walking and battling slugs on her allotment! But more than anything else, her greatest love is spending time with her gorgeous grandson!