Vicki ArogundadeVicki joined the Voluntary Arts England team in May 2018 and has devoted her professional career to working within charities dedicated to improving quality of life, social equality and parity of opportunity. Her specialism is marketing and she now has 10 years’ experience acquired within a rich mix of arts and disability organisations. She is a board member for ArtReach arts development agency and sits on the advisory board for Route Canal Arts a carnival arts education company.

Before joining Voluntary Arts she was the marketing officer for Culture Connects who hosted a multicultural festival for over 14,000 people, celebrating diversity and cultural heritage. Previous to this she worked within the marketing team at United Response, a leading social care provider in the UK supporting adults with a range of complex disabilities.

Vicki has enjoyed the transformative impact of the arts from a young age, beginning her journey as a keen musician playing clarinet, guitar and double bass whilst in primary and secondary education. As an adult she spends her leisure time admiring a range of artforms as well as making her own creations. At present, her favourite pass times include attending fringe theatre, disability festivals and international arts festivals or tinkering about customising clothes, jewellery, and shoes.

She enjoys painting for pleasure and has displayed work in local and regional galleries throughout Northampton, Milton Keynes. She has one piece of work on permanent display in the Royal Collection at Buckingham Palace.