Have you ever wondered how many choirs there are in the UK? We all know how important singing is and the benefits it brings, and helping others to understand that will help us make the case for giving more people more access to singing across the country. Proving how huge singing already is a great first step.

Knowing the amount of choirs and sharing information with each other would help us all better lobby government, funding bodies, and anyone who can help to make singing more accessible in the UK, as well as (most importantly) getting more people joining choirs on a regular basis.

Many people have surveyed different pockets of choirs already or have large memberships with this information. With this piece of research we think if everyone can work together collectively to pool this information centrally, it can be of benefit to everyone. Making Music, British Choirs on the Net and others are already working on it, and it would be great if you can too.

It is important to say that this is not a marketing exercise (data protection will ensure it's for information only and not used for contacting choirs) and no one organisation will benefit from the research, it's designed to support and benefit everyone who takes part. And also to say it is not specific to any type of group - you can be professional or amateur, classical or pop, auditioned or community, sacred or secular. Anyone who sings together in a group.

If we work together, we can get more people doing more singing. You can be part of the movement by forwarding the link below to everyone you know who is involved in a choir and ask them to fill it in (duplicate entries will be monitored so don't worry about that).

Take part in the survey here: http://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/VoicesNowSurvey

To find out more about Voices Now, please visit their website.