Outside In

The benefits and issues involved in contracting out local authority arts services Read more

Making Performances Accessible

Find out how you can make your performances accessible to people with hearing and sight loss Read more

Welcoming Speakers of Different Languages

This briefing offers some practical tips on ways to welcome speakers of different languages to your creative group Read more


This briefing demystifies the commissioning process and demonstrates how it can be an opportunity for voluntary arts groups and individual artists. Read more

Incorporation and company law

This briefing details the Companies Act 2006, designed to simplify and update the process of setting up and running a company Read more

Crisis Management and Disaster Recovery

Our guide to Crisis Management and Disaster Recovery - what to do in difficult situations Read more

GDPR: Data Protection

How do new GDPR laws on data protection impact your creative activities Read more

Welcoming people with a learning disability

How to make sure your creative activities are welcoming for those with special needs Read more

Risk management for charities

Risk management is important for charities of all sizes to ensure they can take informed decisions Read more

Equality and Diversity

A guide to understanding what equality and diversity mean for your creative group Read more

How to create an equal opportunities policy

Cover your group's activities by making a clear and comprehensive equal opportunities policy Read more

Breaking Down Barriers

A guide to help you remove potential barriers which prevent people from participating in your events and activities Read more

Events Checklist - disability and access

Practical guidance to help you plan, publicise and run an accessible event Read more

Euan's Guide

Does your group meet in a venue? List it on Euan's Guide - the disabled access review website and app, for disabled people, by disabled people. Read more

Risk assessment: event organisers

Learn how to recognise the potential risks in planning an event and develop a full risk assessment Read more

Using photography

Practical advice on taking, sharing and finding great photos to help your voluntary arts group Read more

Insurance for voluntary arts groups

The essentials to consider when looking at insurance for your group or activity Read more

Way Ahead

A Development Pack for Voluntary Organisations Read more

Creative People and Places

10 things you need to know about working with voluntary arts groups Read more

Volunteering in the Arts toolkit

Guides to support groups to work with volunteers Read more

Health and Safety for lone and remote workers

We look at the particulars of health and safety to be considered for those who work alone or remotely Read more

Data Protection Act

Everything you need to know about the Data Protection Act Read more