Age of Creativity Festival

The Age of Creativity Festival will run from 1 - 31 May 2019. The festival celebrates everyone who takes part in creativity as audiences, participants, volunteers and artists in later life. Why celebrate? Because it's good for you (according to the experts), it's fun (according to everyone) and we want more people to have the chance to take part than ever before.

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We want to strengthen and develop meaningful partnerships with people across a wide variety of different sectors - and support you to do the same. If you are running/organising something creative that includes older people as audiences, participants, volunteers or artists then let us know! Appearing in our festival programme will help you to reach new audiences locally, as well as raise the profile of our work nationally. As well as the online map of events, we will be producing regional-focused printer brochures so get your events listed early for possible inclusion!

Who? This festival is for people aged 50+.
What? Creative and cultural opportunities for audiences, participants, volunteers and artists.
Where? Across England.
When? 1 - 31 May 2019
Why? To share an eclectic range of creative opportunities for older people to enjoy, whatever their taste, passion or ability.
How? We'll start accepting new event listings soon. Our online map will showcase all eligible events across England and those that are received by the print deadline (tbc) may also feature in our printed programmes for each region. Don't forget to download the Age of Creativity Festival logo to add to your marketing materials.

See what happened during our October 2018 festival fortnight which included over 300 events!

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