Opportunity: Creative Europe's Cooperation Projects 2019 logo creative Europe desk uk
Deadline: 11 Dec (11am)
Project start date: Between 1 Sep - 15 Dec 2019 (project can last up to 48 months)

The funding call for 2019 Creative Europe's Cooperation Projects has been announced. 

The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive (EACEA), which manages Creative Europe's funding opportunities, has published the new timetable, alongside new guidelines and eForms. They can be accessed here.

We have summarised some of the basic information about the call on this Cooperation Projects funding opportunity page. 

You may also find this top tips article from last year's deadline helpful.

What's new? 

As usual, both small and large Cooperation Projects need to address at least one of the priorities. Two new priorities have been added for this year's call in addition to the existing selection:

  • Enhance intercultural dialogue, promote shared EU values and mutual understanding and respect for other cultures, thereby contributing to the social integration of migrants and refugees; 
  • As a legacy to the European Year of Culture Heritage, raise awareness of common history and values, and reinforce a sense of belonging to a common European space.

What about Brexit? 

Take a look at their advice article on Brexit and Cooperation Projects

If you need assistance Creative Europe Desk offer free application workshops which are now open for booking. If you cannot attend, please contact them and they will do their best to give you advice and support.

More information available from their website.