The Audience AgencyThe Audience Agency is continuing to offer free one-on-one NPO advice sessions or ‘surgeries’ to help cultural organisations tackle specific areas of their National Portfolio Organisation application.

Organisations who took part in Audience Agency surgeries to support their Catalyst Evolve fundraising applications were collectively awarded over £1.4 million. Like these, the new surgeries will again help you use the data and insight from Audience Finder as well as drawing on their team’s extensive knowledge and expertise in audience development and making funding applications.

How does it work?
You can choose from a range of subjects particularly useful in Arts Council England NPO applications.

  • Using audience data effectively in a funding application (including using Audience Finder and digital metrics)
  • Creating an audience development plan
  • Reaching and retaining a new audience
  • Increasing the diversity of your audiences
  • Digital development for audience development
  • Involving and/or engaging young people

Surgeries last for about 90 minutes, and offer an opportunity to discuss challenges specific to your organisation. By the end you should have some new ideas, suggestions and resources that will make your application stronger.

How do I book?
Surgeries are available to anyone about to make an arts funding application. You don’t have to be funded currently, or even part of a constituted organisation. To help the Audience Agency match you to the right adviser, please click here and select:

1) The topic you wish to focus on from the list above.
2) Please choose a selection of dates that you are available.
Surgeries will run from 31 October – 16 December 2016.
3) Name of organisation, where you are based and the people who will be attending the surgery.

The Audience Agency has offices in London and Manchester, but can also come directly to you if you are not based near either.

What happens next?
The Audience Agency will always do our best to match topic chosen and date selected, however, please note that surgery numbers are limited, so this might not always be possible.