Mobile embassy of CardboardiaOpen call for participation in Cardboardia Laboratory’s 2017 in UK

During the Summer and Autumn of 2017 we are planning some exciting projects and are happy to share the experience! Cardboardia will materialize different stupid ideas – you can expect a lot of work with cardboard, planning games and events, you can carry stuff, perform and communicate! If you want to become a Personage of Cardboardia (citizen) – please join in!

12-16 September - Dagenham (London, UK) ThamesFest featuring Silk River

20-24 September - Redcar (UK) - Festival of Thrift

26-30 September - Coventry (UK) - Moat House community center, Festival of Imagineers

Carboardia Laboratory workshop is opening enrollment for unique internship that includes two modules:

Module 1 - "Designing costumes and objects for interactive performances" - design of performance, creation of big and small objects, creation of cardboard and paper costumes - under the leadership of the Minister of Education of Cardboardia, Olesya Kandalintseva.

Module 2 - "Street performance, communication and interaction with the public" - interaction, performance, management of big scale events - under the leadership of Tyran of Cardboardia, Sergey Korsakov.

If you want to join you need:

  • fill out the application form online
  • accomplish a task, that you will receive within 10 days after sending the form
  • go through online interview (time and date will be confirmed individually) - optional
  • arrive to place of internship according confirmed schedule.

Participation is free.

Find full details of all events on the Cardbordia website.