In 2020, Cutting Edge Theatre is staging a 'real time' Passion play in Edinburgh over the Easter weekend.

Different community groups will interpret the Easter story artistically around the city, with 63 hours of continuous artistic storytelling through theatre, dance, music, visual arts. 

Cutting Edge is looking to connect with groups and individuals in a number of ways, including being part of a large community cast who will take part in some of the scenes around the city. 

They are looking for people to help practically as stewards and volunteers for logistics as well as fundraising, stage management etc. 

This is one of the largest community productions ever attempted - the aim is that the city of Edinburgh comes together to tell one story, breaking down societal barriers. Cutting Edge wants to demonstrate what happens when people celebrate their differences instead of seeing those as something negative. 

If you're interested in getting involved, please contact Suzanne Lofthus, Artistic Director at [email protected] com