Area: Scotland

Deadline: Applications can be made at any time for visits throughout 2018 and up until March 2019

Up to £750 to enable your group/organisation to visit another group or project anywhere in Scotland to aid peer-to-peer learning and knowledge exchange.

The Community Learning Exchange is a fantastic opportunity for communities to learn through the exchange of ideas and the sharing of common solutions.  When community groups make visits to other communities, the most valuable part is often meeting new people with similar interests and gaining new insights and perspectives on common challenges. 

Visiting groups come away armed with new ideas and approaches, and host organisations have the opportunity to explain their project to a new and interested audience, often seeing their own projects afresh through new eyes. For examples of how learning visits have already benefited some groups click here.

What will the exchange fund?

The Exchange will fund up to 100% of the costs of a visit by members of one community to another community project up to a limit of £750, including a host fee.  In exceptional circumstances (where travel distances are greater or certain aspects of the visit are particularly expensive) this limit can be increased.  Similarly visits out with Scotland, but within the UK will be considered where a similar project does not exist in Scotland.

The Exchange will also fund follow up support between organisations.  This might be as a result of a learning visit when it is recognised that more specific and on-going help, support, or advice is required. This can be through face-to-face meetings, by phone, e-mail, or skype. Funding for this kind of additional support will need to be negotiated separately.

How to apply

The Community Learning Exchange fund is run by the Scottish Community Alliance, but all applications are endorsed by Alliance members - including Voluntary Arts Scotland. Please send your application to us, we will review and endorse it then send it on to the Scottish Community Alliance for approval and funding.

For guidance about the Community Learning Exchange please click here

To apply, please download the application form here and return it to Cassandra Barron at Voluntary Arts Scotland on email: [email protected]

Please note your exchange visit must take place before the end of March 2019.