Keep the January blues at bay and inject some creativity into 2017 by signing up to the 64 Million Artists January Challenge.

Each day 64 Million Artists will send you a creative task that proposes a different way to approach your day - it might be to draw the view from your window, or dance around your kitchen, or go for a walk without knowing where you’re going. When you've completed your task you will be prompted to think about the experience and share it with others.

You can get involved as an individual but 64 Million artists are particularly keen to see people joining in as a group or in a pair, so why not -

  • Invite a friend or family member to sign up with you and share what you’re doing with each other.
  • Set up a Facebook or Whatsapp group and take on the challenge with some colleagues, your community group or your school. Or even meet up weekly to share how you’re getting on.
  • Get your whole place of work or extended family or friendship group to sign up and set up your own hashtag for sharing online.

All participants will be invited to share their experience via social media throughout January, giving you the chance to showcase your creativity and be inspired by others.

For more information and to sign up, visit