Voluntary Arts has set up an online network to connect anyone working creatively (both professionally and as a hobbyist) in Coventry and Warwickshire. 

The aims of the network are to share and celebrate work that takes place in the city and county, to link individuals and groups and create opportunities for collaboration. And, importantly, to support and inspire each other creatively.

Rachel New, who leads this network, is also keen to showcase your work, ideas, hopes and fears on BBC CWR, in her role as Up for Arts Producer and presenter of Upload.

Each month there will be a different theme to the sessions. On our next Zoom meeting on Wednesday 7 October from 9.30amwe'll be discussing creativity and mental health (ahead of World Mental Health day on the 10th October). As we head into winter and what is bound to be more uncertainty we need to share our tips and strategies more than ever. So this will be a pretty fluid hour of warmth and care, with a couple of lovely guest speakers to boot. To attend click on the 'Join' button on: https://www.voluntaryarts.org/creativenetwork

The meetings happen on the first Wednesday of everything month at 9.30 for an hour, just click the ‘join’ button here: www.voluntaryarts.org/creativenetwork


Any questions please email [email protected] Follow #CreativeNetworkCoventry for more updates. 

Everyone is welcome!