FreshAyr is a socially engaged art practice, which started with a campaign to encourage people to become involved in a bottom-up approach to creative regeneration, starting with nothing, people were asked to get involved in ‘can’ art by providing artworks as labels, hence the name FreshAyr.

FreshAyr has been holding pop up events and Creative Conversations since November 2016. The last one, and the first outside of Ayr, was in Dundee where they planted the seeds to encourage the growth of a cross-pollinating culture of creativity across Scotland.

FreshAyr is now planning a next series of pop up events in empty units near the Smoking Goat in Ayr and an outdoors event in Loudon Hall Ayr’s oldest building and its courtyard, which will be coordinated with a public meeting around July to present what FreshAyr has done and future plans for permanent spaces for creativity.

Please email [email protected] if you would like a copy of their Creative Aspiration, to propose a creative project or be kept up to date with their progress.