Creative Network

In March, Voluntary Arts launched #CreativeNetwork - a series of online get-togethers open to anyone involved in arts, culture and creativity in order to connect and collaborate in unusual times. Facilitating these conversations has enabled people from across the UK and Ireland to talk with others, develop ideas and projects, and find sustainable ways forward in changing circumstances.

After more than 100 inspiring sessions since 17 March, we have started to develop successful themed sessions that take place monthly. We'll be continuing these for the foreseeable future and invite anyone interested in these topics to join a session. We will still also be hosting more open 'peer support' sessions, allowing people to raise other topics they'd like to discuss, but we don't intend to run a session every weekday anymore. Each week will still have plenty of discussions open to anyone to join - see what's coming up below. 

Most sessions take place via Zoom between 9:30am and 10:30am, but other times will be marked clearly. Join any session by clicking the 'Join' link below.

Monday 21 September

---- No Session ---

Tuesday 22 September

#CreativeNetwork - Science & Art

Wednesday 23 September

---- No Session ---

Thursday 24 September

#CreativeNetwork - London

Friday 25 September

Open peer support session



Monday 28 September

---- No Session ---

Tuesday 29 September

#CreativeNetwork - Dance with Scottish Ballet

Wednesday 30 September

---- No Session ---

Thursday 1 October

#CreativeNetwork - Local Arts Wales

Friday 25 September

#CreativeNetwork - Crafts with Cass Baron from Bookbinding with Cass


If you have any additional accessibility requirements for Zoom meetings, please contact us at [email protected] in advance and we will do our best to make sessions inclusive for everyone.

Regular sessions

#CreativeNetwork - Children & Young People - Next session: TBC

#CreativeNetwork - Crafts - Next session: Friday 2 October

#CreativeNetwork - Coventry - Next session: Wednesday 7 October

#CreativeNetwork - Dance - Next session: Tuesday 29 September

#CreativeNetwork - Devon - Next session: TBC

#CreativeNetwork - Arts & Disability - Next session: TBC

#CreativeNetwork - Ireland - Next session: TBC

#CreativeNetwork - Local Arts Wales - Next session: Thursday 1 Octobre

#CreativeNetwork - Local Leadership - Next session: TBC

#CreativeNetwork - London - Next session: Thursday 24 September

#CreativeNetwork - Open Peer Support - Next session: Friday 25 September

#CreativeNetwork - Participatory Arts - Next session: TBC

#CreativeNetwork - Science & Art - Next session: Tuesday 22 September 

#CreativeNetwork - South East - Next session: TBC

#CreativeNetwork - Spaces - Next session: Tuesday 20 October

#CreativeNetwork - Theatre - Next session: Wednesday 14 October (10am)

#CreativeNetwork - Wellbeing - Next session: TBC

#CreativeNetwork - West Midlands - Next session: TBC

#CreativeNetwork - West Yorkshire - Next session: TBC


The sessions above are particular areas of focus that we have embarked on recently, either because of local capacity or specific skills and interests. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list of every location or art form, but we hope there is something that interests everyone. We will continue to host open sessions for wider discussions so do check the weekly schedule above for details.

#CreativeNetwork Clips

See clips of previous guests on the #CreativeNetwork on our YouTube playlist, including Darren Henley (Arts Council England), Baroness Deborah Bull (Kings College London), Hilary Carty (Clore Leadership), Nick Capaldi (Arts Council Wales), Gary Cameron (Creative Scotland) and Baroness Beeban Kidron (5Rights).

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