Deadline: 31 May 2018

Drake Music Scotland is the nation’s leading music and disability organisation, creating music-making opportunities for disabled people of all ages using innovative music technology and Figurenotes notation.

It is currently seeking new Trustees to join its Board, which is currently made up of a cross-section of people with expertise and skills in several areas relevant to the work of the organisation.

The Board benefits from the input of trustees with knowledge of the voluntary sector, disability and equality research studies, further and higher music education, business and coaching, journalism, speech & language therapy and the special schools sector, and IT.

There are a number of areas of expertise it would like to strengthen including:

• Knowledge and experience of music education and the arts in Scotland
• Knowledge and experience of finance and accounting 
• Knowledge and experience of HR and employment law
• Marketing and PR
• Direct personal experience of disability

 The responsibilities of Drake Music Scotland Board members include actively participating in:

• Overall governance including compliance with OSCR, Company Law and other legislation
• Upholding and reviewing the Aims and Objectives of Drake Music Scotland
• Strategic direction including reviewing and approving Business Plans/Artistic Programme
• Oversight of financial management

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