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Inspired by the Get Creative campaign, Quirky Creations (Kate G Smeltzer) responded to a call for ideas to take part in the Createathon as part of Get Creative Day in April 2016. Without any qualifications in the arts but with enthusiasm that Kate describes as “second to none”, she decided to develop an idea that would engage as many people as possible – through a cheap and accessible medium. So, the 10,000 Origami Doves of Peace project was born!

Having never tried origami before, she followed some YouTube tutorials and decided a simple origami dove would be the ideal subject. The project got off the ground with a launch at Belfast City Council as part of Learning Week and an interview on BBC radio ahead of the Createathon.

With 1,000 doves already made and on display, there was a huge response at the Createathon and following this, Kate took the project on the road during the summer, visiting shopping centres and public squares to involve hundreds more people. The 10,000 doves were completed in August 2016 and were ceremoniously burnt on a Viking boat at the end of the Sunflower Festival!

“Teaching origami and engaging the public brought me so much joy and helped me beat depression. It literally changed my life and gave me the confidence to find work in a creative environment.”

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