Exit 15 is a partnership programme between Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council and Voluntary Arts Ireland working with people and organisations living, working and based in the Ballyogan area.

It is funded under the Arts Council’s Invitation to Collaboration Scheme 2017 and Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council.

Engagement is at the heart of this programme with emphasis on how to design cultural programmes that are responsive to and involve input from local people from the very start. 

We're inviting local people to help create the logo for the Exit 15 Creative Space.
The winner will be decided by a panel of local people and the winning logo will be digitalised and be part of the  promotion and branding of the project.

A few tips

  • The logo should reflect the ethos of the project
  • The logo should be simple, strong and distinctive in its own right- it will be used separately to the website, e.g. in adverts, reports and other promotional materials
  • Do remember that a logo often has to be used at small sizes and alongside other logos, so don’t try to make it too complicated as this detail will be lost when it is reduced to fit
  • The logo can either be hand-drawn and then scanned, or designed on professional design software (Adobe CS or similar vector-based drawing software)

Please note that the logo you create will be treated as a concept and – if necessary – may have to be adapted by designers to make it fully suitable for use on the website and promotional materials.


Terms and conditions

What is this and who is it for:

It is an invite to the local community of the exit 15 area to help design a logo idea for the Exit 15 project.

It is intended as an opportunity for the local community- people living in and working in the exit 15 area, which is  Ballyogan and surrounding areas - to be involved in the project.

This is not a professional commission but welcomes the contribution of professional designers and those working in the design industry.

It is not a paid commission but an invite to local people of all levels and ages to get involved, share ideas and be part of the project - be it the amateur artist, crafter, school goer, student, young person or the person who likes to doodle - all are welcome.



Can be submitted by email or post. 

Logos do not have to be in digital format, they can be drawings/photos etc -a designer will support the logo to be made into digital format.

Must include a brief summary of your logo, name, age, where your from/ your relationship to exit 15 area, contact details- if under 18 supply contact details of parent/guardian/school/organisation.

 Panel: A panel of local people will decide on the final logo.

 Usage: The logo will be used as part of the promotional material for the Exit 15 project.

 When: Closing date 15th December selected logo will be announced in the new year.

 Copyright: Copyright always remains with the original creator. The winning design will be asked to provide or agree a (royalty-free, non-exclusive) license to VAI/Exit 15 to use this design. Which will include sharing it and manipulating it as required for normal digital use.

A designer will be involved to support the design to be used for normal digital use.


E-mail logo ideas to [email protected] by Friday 15 December 2017 or post to

Voluntary Arts Ireland

Exit 15 Project

c/o The Grainstore, Cabinteely Park, Cabinteely, Dublin 18

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