We are  looking for an artist, artist collectives or artistic / administrative teams to collaborate with the Ballyogan community for a creative place programme that is responding to the artistic aspirations of local people under the banner of Exit 15.

Exit 15 is a creative place programme responding to the artistic aspirations of local people in the area of Exit 15.
It is a partnership between Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council, Voluntary Arts Ireland and Queen`s University Belfast and is supported/funded by the Arts Council‘s Invitation to Collaboration Scheme 2017 and Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council.

This is a unique opportunity/platform for an artist or artists to develop new and exciting relationships with the Ballyogan community to design and deliver ambitious art projects, a series of arts ‘happenings’ or celebratory events that reflect the ambition of the community; the intergenerational and multi-cultural residents, the people who provide and support local services, and the wide range of individuals and groups who use the amenities and local initiatives in Ballyogan and the surrounding area. The Samuel Beckett Civic Campus is central to the community’s cultural life and a wonderful hub in which to activate and develop new projects.

The local community will be closely involved in the selection process of this commission.

About Ballyogan

Ballyogan, one of Dublin’s fastest growing communities is located in Dún Laoghaire Rathdown Council Area (DLR) about 12 km from Dublin City centre. It has a young population and a strong traveller community within the surrounding areas. Within the context of the broader DLR local authority area it is characterised as having one of the highest percentages of local authority housing. Yet, the story of Ballyogan is much richer than these demographics.

About the Exit 15 Project

The project began with a series of programmed events. These included 3 artists-in-residence schemes; Michael Fortune , Mark Storor and Michael McLoughlin whom all spent several months getting to meet and make art with the locals and with other local interest based projects Crafty Hands, Creative Adventures, and services in the area. The community fully embraced each of these projects and demonstrated an openness and willingness to make things happen.

The commissioning committee is open to all artforms as well as applications from artist collectives and artistic / administrative teams. We are looking for an experienced artist or team whose practice reflects a deep understanding of people and place. The emphasis is on the process of engagement between the artist and the community. Together, they will shape and deliver a series of creative outcomes. As people will have varying experiences and interests, it is important that the process allows for various entry points for the local community to get involved.

Timeline for the commission

This commission will be awarded under a Two Stage Open Competition

Deadline for Stage 1 submission
Monday 3 September at 12pm noon. Shortlisted artists will be informed by the 15 September

Stage 2 Presentation to Community
21 September. Selected artist/s will be notified by 24 September

Commission must be completed by the end of March 2019

The value of this commission is €40,000

For details, the application process and key information, please visit the Exit 15 website.

Please refer any queries to Helen Barry, [email protected]  087 7059108

Voluntary Arts Ireland Development Officer, Republic of Ireland and Project Manager, EXIT 15