Micro fund 

Funding for individuals or arts groups that live in Ballyogan/surrounding area  - Tell us what you are doing!

Closing Date for Applications: Monday 20 March 2018

Are you a group or individual that live in Ballyogan/ surrounding area. Or/and a group or individual who put on/are planning to put on creative activities or events in Ballyogan/surrounding area?

Exit 15 is a partnership programme between Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council and Voluntary Arts Ireland working with people and organisations living, working and based in the Ballyogan area. It is funded under the Arts Council’s Invitation to Collaboration Scheme 2017 and Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council. 

What is the micro fund?

The fund could help you to put on new events or activities, allow you as an individual or group to do something different and new and showcase it through the partners websites and social media platforms.

This fund is ideal for emerging or established groups or creative citizens who want to try something new. 

Awards of €300 will be made to up to 3 different groups or individuals.

This is a competitive, limited fund, scored by a panel. The closing date for applications is Monday 20th March. To qualify, your application has to show your commitment to or ambition to at least two of our main Microfund aims:

Engagement; reach new audiences, participants or volunteers.

Partnership; work with other organisations or people that enable all of you to work more effectively as a result of sharing information, skills or pooling resources.

Innovation; use new ideas or approaches in a way that has an impact on your event. So fresh thinking that creates value.

Creativity; creative development in your art and craft form. Your event enables volunteers and participants to develop significantly in terms of their skill levels.

How can you apply?

Ideas do not have to be completely new, they can be part of your group’s usual programme, but if so they must address at least two of our main aims, take place and results shared during 2018.

We will make awards of up to €300  to 3 different applicants.

The application process is very simple – you can apply with an email or letter of approx. 5 paragraphs, plus a straight forward information form. However, before you begin we suggest you read all the information, if you have any questions give Áine Crowley a call on 0877059108 or drop an email to [email protected].

This is a limited fund and your application must be received by Monday 20th March. If you are planning more than one event you may apply for the fund more than once but priority will be given to new applicants. 

Who can apply?’ checklist

You need to be able to answer yes to the questions below in order to apply.

Are you a group or individual that puts on/are planning to put on creative activities or events in Ireland.

Are you acting on a not for profit or voluntary basis? 

Is your event/activity is delivering two of the main aims of the Microfund?

Are you a group of people/ individual who creates/ comes together on a voluntary basis?

Download the full information pack and application form here