Deadline: 16 January 2017 (5pm)

Expressive Arts Competition Fund 2016-17 Launches in Scotland

Voluntary Action Fund has launched a £16,000 Competition Fund to enable schools, parent councils, charities and community groups to run arts activities on the theme of 'What my mother means to me'.

Each successful organisation can nominate their favourite pieces to be judged at regional events in March, with six finalist prizes available. ‘Mother’ in this context is not gender specific and could mean anyone that generally fulfils the same values – whether a sibling, parent or grandparent.

The competition is funded by American Mothers, who are piloting the fund outside the USA for the first time. Organisations working in Scotland with children aged 10-11 can apply for up to £400 to cover activity costs, including the cost of tutors, sessional workers, art materials, equipment or transport.

Children may choose to work individually, in pairs or small groups to produce their chosen art. They can choose to:

  • Write a 500 word essay
  • Make a short film
  • Write a poem
  • Use photography
  • Produce artwork

The fund aims to raise awareness of the values associated with nurturing and building the capacity of humankind, encouraging the following priorities: celebrating diversity, recognising societal values, and enabling children to come together from a diverse range of areas and backgrounds. 

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