Áine CrowleyÁine studied Fine Art Printmaking in Limerick School of Art and Design. After finishing college she worked in Mayfield Arts, Newbury House in Cork as an Arts worker. Over 8 years in Mayfield Arts, she worked with various different communities and groups including Cúig - Creativity Unlimited an Integrated Group, where she supported and collaborated with the five artists in their professional practice.

During this time Áine also worked on Creative Connections; a two-year intercultural arts training programme for women run by Mayfield Arts, Newbury House and Cork Midsummer Festival. The programme created an intercultural dialogue within the community and developed two exciting pieces for the Festival. In 2011 the group developed their pop-up home ‘Home is where the Art is’ and in 2012 the group developed ‘Hungry Tea’.

In 2013, Áine was offered a residency in Canberra, Australia to develop a pilot programme which utilised creative processes to bring women together, make connections and discover new ways of expressing identity and culture.

In 2014, she moved to Dublin to cover a post as Youth Arts Development Worker with the Dún Laoghaire–Rathdown Arts Office. Áine fell in love with Dublin and is still there. She works part time with the Ballymun Regional Youth Resource, working with young people and also works freelance as a visual artist.