Fledgling Arts Collective Central is a non-profit-making volunteer run arts collective and charity providing a platform both online and offline for those who struggle with mental health, addiction, gender dysphoria, sexuality, feel like they don’t quite ‘fit’, or feel estranged to this world.

They encourage people to express themselves through art as catharsis. Here's what they have to say:

"We know that expressing ourselves through creativity makes us all feel great and empowered! Fledgling Arts Collective Central believes that there are no 'amateurs' in the arts and creativity - we are all artists and that the feel good ethos we encourage can really help with issues like building self esteem and helping to lift depression for instance."

Fledling Arts is currently recruiting new online support volunteers to support its work. Your role will include interacting with online members, giving feedback on the creative arts posts they leave in a positive constructive way. Having a creative, positive and constructive approach will be required. Mentoring will be provided.

For further details please contact Jewels Johnson at email: fledglingdalepa@hotmail.com