Get Creative

2pm - 4pm, Monday 6 February 2017
BBC Scotland, Glasgow 

In Get Creative's second year, local Get Creative networks are being developed, putting individuals and groups in contact with other creative and community organisations near to them and, importantly, with their local BBC. Each network will have a local BBC representative.

Better connected local networks will help enable your stories to be told and events to be communicated about on local BBC and amongst your local communities. This will hopefully make it easier for people to find their local Get Creative Champions and get involved with your activities.

This will be the second network meeting in Scotland. Get Creative are keen to grow the network so please share the details with colleagues, friends and anyone you think might be interested in coming along to find out more.

Register to attend here.

A reminder that Get Creative Weekend will be taking place all over the UK from 7 - 9 April and we'll be spending part of this meeting chatting about any planned or potential activities and events across Scotland.