Set up to encourage people to engage and connect on a range of topics, 'A Year of Conversation' is taking place across Scotland throughout 2019. 

As part of this annual event, and to tie in with this year's Get Creative Festival, Voluntary Arts Scotland is asking groups to join in 'A Day of Conversation' on Saturday 11 May.

Fancy getting involved? Download the free toolkit here, with lots of tips and ideas.

Here are a few different ways your group could get involved:

  • Host a coffee morning to discuss an issue at the heart of your regular activity.
  • Hold a gathering where each person from your group brings an object that means something to them – then shares stories about it.
  • Bring together people from your group with others from the local area, to share food and discuss something of local interest.
  • Get together with another creative group in your area and learn from each other.
  • Go on an inter-generational walk, where children take older people on a “play walk” and older people take children on a “memory walk”. 
  • Or simply do what you usually do (rehearse, plan, create) but build in a conversation.

The possibilities are endless!

Once you've arranged your event, be sure to put it up on the Get Creative website, so we can help you publicise it!

For more information about the Year of Conversation, visit the website or send them a message here.