Dates: 10 November 2018 until 24th February 2019
Location: Dance Research Studio in London
Deadline: 8th October 2018; Early bird 10% discount – August 1st 2018
Course Fee: £340 (bursaries and 10% early bird discount available - please apply by 7th September 2018)
Concessions: £290
Programme Director: Jacky Lansley (Artistic Director, Dance Research Studio)

A unique professional development programme that supports the artist as both performer and choreographic author. SDIPT offers students coming from a professional and/or performing arts degree background the opportunity to rethink their relationship with their practice, whilst developing new processes and skills.

Module Dates:
10th/11th November 2018: The Interdisciplinary Performer 
8th/9th December 2018: Improvisation and Emotional Embodiment 
19th/20th January 2019: Visual Language and the Performer
23rd/24th February 2019: The Choreographic Exchange

Guest tutors include: Anne Bean (Installation and Performance artist), Sally E. Dean (Interdisciplinary & Somatic Practitioner), Sylvia Hallett (Musician & Composer), and Fergus Early (Green Candle Dance Company).

For more information and application form:

Tel: 0207 613 0341
Email: [email protected]