Latest government guidance for participating in creative activities in Northern Ireland. 

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Restrictions in Northern Ireland are due to be eased during the Spring and Summer, with an indicative schedule provided by the Executive showing changes from 23 April, 30 April and 24 May. Under the current restrictions, most cultural venues are not permitted to open. 

While Community halls are permitted to open with certain measures in place, most cultural venues are closed, though theatres and concert halls are permitted to open for rehearsals or a live recording without an audience. There is no specific differentiation between professional and non-professional rehearsals in the guidelines provided. It is expected that from 24 May, most indoor venues (except music venues) will be permitted to open.

While restrictions on physical gatherings remain in place, remote and digital activities can continue and groups can take steps to plan for a safe return to certain activities as and when restrictions are eased further in the future.

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