London Shakespeare WorkoutArea: London

The London Shakespeare Workout (LSW), is a charity which employs Shakespeare as an interactive tool to help promote confidence through the will to dream for ALL and is best known for its work in UK/international prisons.

In celebration of its 20th anniversary LSW has launched the LUP (Linked Up Thinking) initiative seeking to offer a prison interaction for as many UK drama students as possible. Find out more about LUP on the LSW website.

With this in mind, it would like to find talented drawing/sketching/portrait artists to come into the prison in which it is running an on-going programme in North London for a session and to sketch/draw/capture the prisoners in action. LSW would like to use some of the various drawings on a web page and is thinking about having an exhibition of a selection of those same in the prison when the lads do their presentation for (i) inmates/staff and (ii) theatrical industry professionals and invited guests. The first of these is on Friday 22 September 2017. Full credit would of course be given and invites for the display/presentation itself.

If interested we would be grateful if you might send an email with samples of apt work if possible and appropriate contacts on