MadLab LogoEvent Location: Manchester, M60 0AE
Date: 08/09/2018
Times: 1- 5pm
Level: ALL
Equipment: Equipment you’ll need You’ll need a laptop with Arduino Environment installed and music software with MIDI functionality. MadLab is able to provide laptops where necessary. 
Cost: £40

Learn how to create your own midi controllers using Arduino on this half-day workshop!

The Arduino project has brought open source electronics to the masses, aided by its low price and simplicity.

If you’d like to get into using Arduino to create musical instruments, this is the course for you!

Chris Ball (Arduino wonderkid) has used Arduino extensively to create MIDI faders, laser harps, a variety of theremins, and other bespoke devices.

This course is for a beginner to Arduino, but a little programming experience or experience using music software with MIDI functionality (Ableton, Cubase, Logic, MuLab, Reaper, etc.) will be a big help.

What you’ll learn Writing and running a simple program Intro to the MIDI protocol Sending MIDI data from Arduino Introduction to a few simple electronic components, and how to use them with Arduino Creating a MIDI trigger (button) Creating a MIDI theremin (sensor).

If you haven’t got any music software, we recommend these free options: MuLab, Ableton Live Lite, Cockos Reaper.

Company: MadFabLab is an open-access workshop for Manchester’s hackers, makers, and tinkerers – whether actively curious, seasoned anti-disciplinarian, or any/all points in between – providing shared tools and space to create amazing new things, play and experiment with new technology, and meet and collaborate.