Polonez Culture Bridging Group in Paisley is looking for dance groups of different nationalities to collaborate with on an event due to be held in October.

The Polonez group will dance a historic Polish polonaise, which was danced at balls in the 17th and 18th century across Europe, and they’re also working on a Viennese waltz dance.

They are hoping other dance and folk ensembles, such as Scottish dance, Polish folk dance, Bulgarian, Hindu, Greek etc (the more diverse the more interesting!) will get involved. Each group can have a 15-minute slot.

They are also keen to see groups coming together to dance – and are proposing a ‘battle of the dishes’, with food from different nations.

Polonez needs volunteers to help with this event (looking after children backstage, photography, sound and projection technician) as well as musicians to play bagpipes.

If you’d like to find out more about the group – to join, or get involved in the October event – contact Violetta Skretowska on email: [email protected] and visit their Facebook group.