The Shaw Trust is looking for creative volunteers to deliver workshops at its employment training centre in Duddingston.

This follows on from a successful voluntary-led project, led by local artist Carol Le Lievre that has seen participants grow in skills and confidence.

The Shaw Trust is a national charity that helps people facing disadvantage to find work, gain skills and take control of their futures. Unemployment or living with a health condition can be a very isolating experience and many of the Shaw trusts clients struggle with a lack of confidence, structure and social support.

Taking up a new hobby or activity has enabled people struggling with these barriers to develop not only new skills, but also gain a routine, meet new people and improve their confidence - improving their employability and quality of life. 

Following on from the a successful 8-session art programme led by Carol, the Shaw Trust is now keen to hear from artists and creative people who are interested in delivering informal and flexible arts and crafts related activities for their clients, so they can continue this offer.

“Helping clients to nurture their own unique abilities gave me a lot of confidence in my own teaching abilities and most importantly, I hope, I gave them an opportunity to enjoy their lives a little more. I found it easy to fit my volunteering around my other work commitments as Shaw Trust was very accommodating. For those thinking of volunteering with Shaw Trust, I would fully recommend it.” - Carol, Creative Volunteer (read Carol's full story here).

You don't need to be an experienced workshop leader, but you must be confident enough to work with a small group and support them to try try something new, creating a safe place for self expression. Support will be provided by Shaw Trust staff and the team are very open to suggestions and ideas for the kind of creative sessions and/or projects you would like to run.

If this is something that appeals to you and you would like to find out more, please email: