Area: Glasgow
Deadline: 30 April 2020

Run by STAF (Scotland’s national membership organisation for those involved in the lives of young people leaving care), Project Return brings together young people and practitioners to aid understanding of trauma.

Project Return is starting a community choir, which will utilise music and relationships as a supportive resource to overcome trauma - and they're looking for individuals to support the choir.

Within the care community there is an enormous amount of talent and love for music and Project Return wants to create a space and time where everyone can come together, with no labels and celebrate this. Their aim is to bring together those with experience of the children’s care and/or the justice system and the care workforce, giving them a voice and way of connecting through music.

Singing as part of a group has been shown as a way of improving your well-being, mental health, empowerment and building great friendships. It also allows us to grow through uncovering different things about ourselves and understanding our own social identity. The Project Return choir will harness this.

To start this journey, they are looking to put together a small Choir Group built of individuals with care and/or justice experienced alongside members of the workforce who are passionate about music. This group will:

• Shape the choir, beginning with creating its name and working with the Choir Director to select the choir’s songs.
• Members can select the role they would like to play; for example, if someone has an interest in marketing, they could be given support to set up and run the social media pages of the choir.
• Members will be given development opportunities and where possible qualifications as we want to ensure not only do you get to bring about changes for those within the care system but also for you as individuals.

The choir will meet every second Monday in a central Glasgow location from the end of February and group members will be welcome to attend.

The promise needed from group members will be to meet every month for the first three months of the choir and thereafter to meet every two months or as the group deems necessary.

The first group meeting will take place on Monday 27 January in STAF’s offices on Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow. At it food will be provided, travel cost covered and our vision for the choir will begin.

If you're interested in joining the group, please get in touch with Jenny Ferguson at Project Return on email: [email protected] or tel: 07572 201644.