Community groups and libraries are invited to apply for a subsidy to hold a storytelling event this autumn.
As part of the Scottish International Storytelling Festival's Community Events Programme, community groups and libraries can apply for a subsidy of £80 towards the booking of a storyteller from the SSF's Directory of Storytellers to attend their event between 2 September - 2 December (Wednesday 27 November has been designated as a nation-wide story exchange, so you may wish to hold your event then).

The forum has a network of professional storytellers that you can contact to attend or hold an event. The recommended booking rates are as follows:

1 x hour session: £100 + travel
Half day (up to 2hrs, normally 2 sessions): £150 + travel
Full Day (up to 4hrs, normally 4 sessions): £250 + travel


To help, the forum can offer an £80 subsidy towards the booking of your storyteller. They pay the storyteller £80 and you pay the outstanding balance to their booking hire.

To request a subsidy, fill in the online form here: